Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition at Grunty’s Day Care regards snack and meal times as an important part of the setting’s day. Eating represents a social time for children and adults and helps children to learn about healthy eating.

We aim to:

Grunty’s day care is registered with the relevant local authority Environmental Health department in accordance with food hygiene legislation.

Nursery Meals.

The Nursery menu is on a four week rota, a copy is displayed in the reception area on the parental notice board, a copy is given out upon registration and further copies are available on request.
The Nursery cooks ensure a well balanced diet is provided for the children at all times.

All Nursery kitchen staff follows high standards of hygiene and have completed a food hygiene course. The Nursery meals will be of appropriate size for each age group and parents/carers of smaller babies are offered the Nursery meal on a pureed or chopped and part chopped dependant on age and development stage.

Snack Times.

Snack times are classed as all meal times to be a social occasion of which this is encouraged, at Grunty’s Day Care we operate a rolling snack process, this entails a number of choices for snack time and the children are encouraged to help themselves to a choice or mixture of what they wish, this is done over an hour period. This provides (children that are playing or engrossed in an activity whether adult led or with a group of friends,) the opportunity to have their snack when they are ready and with whom they choose to snack with.

The younger children (under two’s) have snack time seated at the same time but are offered choices, they pick what they would like, providing independence on a smaller scale which is appropriate for their age and development

Special dietary requirements.

The Nursery will respect each child’s individual dietary requirements and meals will be prepared following the requests. All cultural differences in eating habits will be respected at all times and encouraged.

A list of the dietary requirements and allergies will be available to all staff and displayed in the nursery kitchen. All parents’ wishes will be respected at all times.

Table Manners

All children are encouraged to use good table manners. Staff will sit with the children at meal times and set a good example at all times. All children will be encouraged to say please and thank you and children will be encouraged to leave the table when all children have finished their meals.

We follow these procedures to promote healthy eating in our setting.