Daffodil Room

The Daffodil room offers many experiences for the children to promote the skills they have already learnt and introduce new skills such as turn taking, choosing different play experiences from construction and small world to painting and workshop and enjoying mealtimes as a social occasion. There is still opportunity for the children to be able to rest throughout the day in our home from home role-play or comfy cosy area.

There is ample opportunity for the children to develop their gross motor skills within the daffodil room. We provide chunky mark making materials and chunky tools within the painting and mark marking area in order to develop and strengthen muscles in the children’s hands and lower arms, this leads to the children developing pencil control ready to begin early writing skills.

The practitioners promote a language rich environment to help develop the children’s communication skills; although the day is more structured the practitioner’s are still flexible to meet their individual needs.

The experienced practitioner’s within the Daffodil room will support you through all learning processes including toilet training. At nursery we will follow the same routine as you do at home, your child’s key person will support you through all learning processes offering support and guidance when required.
We promote independence within the Daffodil room by offering the children opportunity with adult support to:

The children have weekly access to our soft play area this includes, slides, swinging ropes, climbing frames and ball ponds helping to develop the children’s physical and social skills. They also take part in a weekly rhythm and rhyme and football class.

Our ratio of staff to children in Daffodil Room is 1:4.

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