Daisy Room

The Daisy room offers many experiences for the children to explore their ‘imaginative’, ‘messy’, ‘sensory’, and ‘physical’ skills, this along with high quality interactions from practitioners ensures all the children are kept very busy indeed!

We slowly introduce opportunity for the children to become independent learners, the children have free flow access to many different areas throughout the day, and this includes access to their own outdoor environment.

Within the areas all resources are stored at low level to promote the children’s independence and choice. All resources are age/stage appropriate. The children are also given a choice of snacks and drinks, and are encouraged to choose their own songs from the song board, again promoting independence.

Each child has their own daily diary; this provides us with opportunity to tell you what your child has been doing throughout the day, what they have eaten and anything else we may need to inform you, it allows us to have an avenue of communication between home and nursery allowing us to build effective relationships with you the parent or carer.

Practitioners will follow children’s individual routines set up from home; this includes feeding, sleeping, and changing. Flexible routines will help provide continuity between home and nursery; this will help with the settling in process.

The experienced practitioners in the Daisy Room will support you throughout all learning processes, including weaning. Nursery meals can be blended down into a smooth texture for younger babies adding more lumps and when necessary. Daily routines can be discussed during your child’s play session as well as getting to know the practitioners in the Daisy Room.

We welcome telephone calls from parents throughout the day; your child’s key person will be available to update you on your child’s progress anytime during the day.

Our ratio of staff to children in Daisy Room is 1:3.

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