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Daffodil Room at Gruntys Nursery Blackpool
Daffodil Room - Gruntys Nursery Blackpool
12 - 24 months

Promoting physical skills in a stimulating environment with plenty of sensory experiences.

Sorry About the Mess we are Learning

Exploring in messy & sensory play allows children to make their own discoveries using their senses, curiosity and knowledge.

Being Imaginative

Home from home role play allows children to develop imaginative skills while learning how to handle everyday objects through real life experiences.

Rain or Shine

Children have access to their own garden which they enjoy rain or shine, learning through interaction and exploration about the world around them.

I am the Music Man

Simon, The Music Man visits nursery each Friday morning for the Daisy & Daffodil children. We sing our favourite nursery rhymes and enjoy Simon playing his keyboard. Music ignites all areas of child development and skills including intellectual, social - emotional, motor skills and language. Music helps the body and mind work together!

Daffodil GALLERY

It is so rewarding to watch a child take their first steps and say their first word

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Gruntys Nursery Blackpool

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