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Daisy Room at Gruntys Nursery Blackpool
Daisy Room - Gruntys Nursery Blackpool
3 - 15 months

A relaxed homely environment in order to ensure a smooth transition from your home to the Nursery environment.


In our home from home environment we provide many sensory & heuristic opportunities for our babies to develop interaction and exploration while becoming curious of the world around them.

Home from Home

Practitioners will follow children's individual routines set up from home including feeding, sleeping, and changing. Flexible routines will help provide continuity between home and nursery ensuring the best possible settling in process.

When the time approaches for introducing Nursery food into your baby's diet we will agree the weaning progress with you ensuring we work together to best meet your child's needs.

Ssssshhhh! Babies Sleeping

There are appropriate quiet areas that are comfortable and inviting with many opportunities to 'snuggle in'. Children can peacefully sleep in cots as they would in their own home.

Making Relationships

Key workers offer warmth and love while being sensitive and responsive to each child's needs, feelings and interests in order to foster a sense of belonging.


We pride ourselves in the secure attachments we form with both our children and families within our home from home baby room

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Gruntys Nursery Blackpool

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