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Pre-school Room - Gruntys Nursery Blackpool
4 years

Increasing children's resilience in preparation for their transition to school.

Mathematics and Literacy

Introducing maths to children from an early age helps to develop their understanding of all elements of problem solving and reasoning in a broad range of context. Outdoors, children can spot shapes and numbers naturally, investigate and build dens which can help children explore shape, space and measure. Indoors, numbers and shape, space and measure can be integrated into all activities and areas of learning e.g. using measure to mix paint and cooking activities that help children learn about quantities and measures.
Through pictures, play, and the printed word, pre-school children begin the reading and writing process. Practitioners develop literacy by continually exposing children to oral and written language, and by building on prior knowledge and language experiences. It is critical to help young children be ready for school by working with them to develop early literacy and learning skills.

Exploring Outdoors

Children often engage in a range of outdoor environments; whilst on walks children notice the environment around them, often stopping to look at wildlife and their natural surroundings.

Fleetwood Town Community Trust

Fleetwood Town visit Pre-School every Wednesday morning offering football, move and learn with yoga and pe multi-skills. Sessions are fun, interactive, and inclusive. Each session is designed for children to use their imagination and learn through play. Children will learn a variety of skills depending on the topic of each week.

Creating Curiosity

Pre-school is equipped with loose parts large and small and reclaimed resources such as old wooden crates, cable drums, tyres, cardboard boxes, pallets, tubing, wooden planks, cds, pots and pans, ceramic tea sets, jars, utensils, nuts and bolts, padlocks and keys…The list goes on, there's too many to name but all as equally as valuable. These resources are open ended and provide a wide range of opportunities for children to build on their skills. Practitioners are resourceful and will literally 'make something out of nothing' and we encourage and support our children and families to do the same by using their creativity and imagination.

Pre-School GALLERY

As hard as it is to see the children moving on to primary school I have a huge sense of pride in how well prepared they all are for the next step in their journey
Ben, Pre-school

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