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Sunflower Room at Gruntys Nursery Blackpool
Sunflower Room - Gruntys Nursery Blackpool
2 - 3 years

An environment designed to promote skills already learnt while enhancing communication and problem solving skills.

Circle Time

We encourage children to socialise with others and experience play in small groups as well as exploring and investigating new friendships, children's circle of friends and contacts become ever wider.

Making Marks

There is ample opportunity for the children to develop their gross motor skills within the Sunflower room. We provide chunky mark making materials and chunky tools within the painting and mark marking area in order to develop and strengthen muscles in the children's hands and lower arms, this leads to the children developing pencil control ready to begin early writing skills.


Communication and Language is of huge importance, it forms the foundations for interacting with other people, for communicating our needs, our thoughts and experiences. From the moment of birth, babies are ready to communicate: they listen to and look at people and things in their environment, and respond to what they hear and see. Even the youngest babies need a stimulating environment in which those who care for them respond sensitively to the different meanings of their cries, coos and gestures. This early ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally is the basis on which language is developed. A child’s ability to develop language depends on being immersed in a rich environment of words, sounds, rhythm, and verbal and non-verbal expression. Our highly experienced practitioners are also trained in using the Wellcomm Screening Tool so we are able to offer both children and families support at the earliest of opportunities.

Healthy Eating

We believe that healthy eating is extremely important in the development of young children. We cater for all types of dietary requirements and are committed to offering children healthy nutritious and balanced meals and snacks.

Sunflower GALLERY

We understand that tremendous two's can sometimes be challenging with lots of milestones ahead, we are here to offer advice and help you overcome them

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